Affiliate System

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Affiliate System

“SellBetter Toolbox Puts The World’s Smartest Affiliate Software System At Your Fingertips”

QUESTION: What’s the best-kept secret to have an eager army of thousands of eMarketers selling your products/services at no cost to you?

ANSWER: A reliable affiliate software and tracking system.

Imagine if you could engage a loyal army of affiliate partners selling your products and services on your behalf, and you never pay them until AFTER they produce sales…

That’s one of’s biggest strategies, and why they became so dominant so fast! And now SellBetter Toolbox makes it easy so you can too!

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It’s true. An Affiliate program is the most cost-effective way to spark a stampede of targeted traffic to your Website.

SellBetter Toolbox’s Affiliate module is your secret weapon to creating snowball effect of viral marketing to sell more products and services than you ever dreamed was possible.

Take a look at all you get with SellBetter Toolbox’s Affiliate Tracking System:

  • Automatically calculates 2-tier commissions.
  • Provides all codes for affiliate sign-up and login pages.
  • Automatically emails promo banner links.
  • Creates custom banner codes for affiliate sales team.
  • Web-based, so affiliate can login from any PC.
  • Built-in viral marketing affiliate Tell-A-Friend module.
  • Assign affiliates more than one URL “landing page.”
  • Change 2-tier affiliate commissions at any time.
  • Product specific commissions on percentage (%) basis.
  • Adapt commissions paid by “click” or by “sale.”
  • Lets you specify “payday” as any day of the month.
  • Automatically emails you “payday” alerts for affiliates.
  • Produces end-of-month affiliate payout reports.
  • Calculates commissions for “recurring” billing.
  • Searches top affiliates by descending order.
  • Affiliate sales activity easily downloaded to your PC.

And much, much more!!

If you’ve ever wondered how to make your sales and profits skyrocket, then look no further because SellBetter Toolbox’s Affiliate Software System is ready to go to work for you today!

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Look, if you don’t get on the Affiliate program ‘bandwagon’ now, you may get left behind. But once you accumulate an affiliate army fighting day and night to capture more sales on your behalf, you’ll make truckloads more money and crush your competitors almost overnight!

That’s why SellBetter Toolbox has made it so inexpensive and easy to get you started for only $3.95 for a 30-day test-drive. It’s risk-free… click the red button now:

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