How to get rid of all the technical junk… just have fun & make money with your Internet

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How to get rid of all the technical junk… just have fun & make money with your Internet marketing

Dear Internet Friend,

Do you, like me, ever feel overwhelmed at all the things you have to do to get your business moving online?

With such a ton of confusing things “out there,” it just seems easier to do nothing. But if you do nothing, you know that’s exactly what you’ll get.

You, like me, have heard or read about the things you “ought to” be doing to make your websites marketable.

You, like me, know you have to sell something online.

You, like me, know you need some kind of shopping cart or online order taking system.

And that means a merchant account with a “gateway,” whatever that is. Then you have to hook them together somehow.

You, like me, know you need autoresponders, but you’re not sure how to set them up. Worse, which autoresponders do you need? Many are terribly complicated.

You, like me, would like a system that “plugs-in” like an electric lamp. Flip the switch and they all work together.

Are you and I really alike?

You might think we’re different. After all, I have a certain “technical aptitude” and know how to make computer things work. If that doesn’t sound like we’re the same, I understand. But here’s the deal:

I, like you, don’t have time to do all that technical stuff. I’d like to “plug it in” too, get it working fast and easy. Why? Because I need to invest my time in making money. Just like you!

When it all seems unbearable

I figure that you, like me, need to pull this all together.

But you start, and here’s what happens.

  • You find some software at the office supply store that says it will run your online store, even take credit cards.

       Maybe. But can you upsell your customers with it?

  • Even McDonalds knows you need to say “Do you want fries with that?” and it will increase sales. Dramatically. As much as 40% to 80%. But will your new online store do that?

  • Next, you want to send a series of emails to your new buyers to help them get started with your product. One every other day for a week. Then one a week for a few weeks. How do you do that? Sounds like a lot of work.

And you ask yourself, “Why can’t I do this automatically?” The answer? “You can… with SellBetter Toolbox.”

Now you need promotion

You decide to start an affiliate program that lets you build an army of other website resellers who earn money by selling your product for you.

  • You shop around and look for Affiliate program software. You find some, but it’s expensive and it’ll be a trick to make it work with your online store.

       More headaches.

  • Can your resellers track the results of the ads they place with this affiliate program software? No? Then, how will they know what’s working and what’s not working? How will you know?

  • So, you check out affiliate programs the big name vendors make for companies like Disney, Barnes & Noble, Staples and Best Buy.

       Oops! If you had the pocketbook for that price tag, you’d forget the whole thing and head for Cancun.

  • You try some smaller vendors. You ask, “Can I run multiple websites with their systems?” Nope. Not easily, you discover.

  • Then you ask, “How well does that system track customers?” When a reseller refers a customer to my website, comes back next year and buys again, will the original affiliate still get credit?”

       Why not? Windfalls like that make a great way to motivate resellers to promote your website.

And you ask yourself, “Why can’t I do this automatically?” The answer is, “You can do it… with SellBetter Toolbox.”

Is custom programming the answer?

Nope. You could find a programmer to write routines for you. But, that’s really expensive. And it’s an ongoing expense, just to keep things running right.

Put a programmer on staff? Yikes! I know people who did that. They discovered the programmer couldn’t keep up. So they hired a second programmer. Want to know a secret? Two programmers cannot do twice as much work.

Where are we so far?

Okay, you’ve found a store or shopping cart for your website. It connects with credit cards.

You’ve signed up with an autoresponder service. But when someone buys, you have to add them to the autoresponder list, so you can have a “buyer list”. Then, you have to take them off the list of prospects, if they’re still there.

You do some sort of ad tracking so you can figure out which ads work, right? But it’s really confusing when you try to track results all the way through to the sale.

You’re setting up an affiliate program. But that means a lot of work. You may need a clerk just to keep track of that.

And you gave up on ad tracking for your affiliate resellers, even though they gain great incentive from it.

What’s next?

Oh, you want to make your online sales letters work better. You read somewhere that you should do what the pros call “split testing”. You set up two nearly identical sales letters and send half your inquiries to one, the other half to the second. The better sales letter sells the most.

Can you split-test on your website, with all the things you have bought and tried to hook together?

It’s a nightmare!

It’s a nightmare!

And you ask yourself, “Why can’t I do this automatically?” The answer is, “You can… with SellBetter Toolbox.”

Let’s sum up

What you need is:

  • A shopping cart system that does live real-time credit card processing. Like SellBetter Toolbox.

  • An autoresponder system connected to the shopping cart so it automatically sends messages to customers Different messages to different customers, depending on what they bought, and when. Like SellBetter Toolbox.

  • An affiliate system that lets you build an army of resellers and does it all automatically. You continually improve their advertising because your system even gives you and them a way to track their results. Like SellBetter Toolbox.

  • An ad tracking system that continually improves your advertising results in three ways. 1) You see the click-thru rate and the buy rate for each ad so you know which ads pay, and 2) You run split tests to see which of your web pages (sales letters) works best, and 3) Your resellers can track their results and improve their advertising as well. Like SellBetter Toolbox.

  • All of it should hook together so it works together. Like SellBetter Toolbox.

  • It must be so simple you can just put links (plug it in) on your website to make it work. Like SellBetter Toolbox.

  • It must be robust, reliable, and should do virtually everything. Why? Because you want to play while it works hard for you. Like SellBetter Toolbox.

And it must be affordable, because, after all, you’re not Disney!

Imagine how nice all that would be. A dream, eh? Only this dream can be living and in color…

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