Protecting Your Business

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Protecting Your Business

Soon, every company that participates in the credit card processing chain in any way must be compliant and certified with strict security standards established by the credit card industry called CISP and PCI. These standards have been endorsed by every major credit card company and adopted as the standard security method when handling credit cards.

If your business or any of the service providers you use do not meet these criteria, then you could quickly find you’ve lost your ability to accept credit card payments on your website.

Maximum Security

The SellBetter Toolbox system meets or exceeds the stringent requirements of Visa’s PCI & CISP programs to ensure maximum security with your sensitive financial data and information. And while we have been compliant since spring of 2005, we are now one of very few companies online that is fully certified!

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What is Visa CISP?

Visa’s Cardholder Information Security Program (CISP) was created to define a security standard for all merchants that process, transmit and store Visa Cardholder information. This program is more than simply meeting a one-time compliance standard, there is also an ongoing compliance validation required.

This ongoing validation is designed to identify and correct any potential security vulnerabilities and to ensure the highest levels of security are maintained.

Click here for more information on Visa’s CISP Regulations

Or download Visa’s CISP Overview PDF here

What is PCI?

The Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard is the result of a partnership between Visa and MasterCard and has been endorsed by every major credit card provider operating in the U.S. This standard was created to define a series of best practices when processing, transmitting and storing credit card information. PCI compliance is a requirement of CISP.

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Why does this matter to me?

If you’re doing the secure order taking on your own website, you’ll have to comply. And that includes renewing certification annually, and keeping up with changing security standards.

If you are dealing with a company that is not currently complaint, then they are going to have to comply or face being shut down by credit card providers. Visa/Mastercard will be taking action against all non-certified companies in the credit card processing chain.

If your providers are not certified, your revenues may dry up!

What should I do?

The good news is that if you are a SellBetter Toolbox customer you don’t have to do anything at all!

We’ve done all of the work necessary to ensure that your storefront automatically meets the stringent requirements that have been setout by Visa.

Fortunately for you, being a SellBetter Toolbox customer, 1ShoppingCart makes up most of your credit card processing chain and there’s little you really need to do.

It is important however to ensure that your entire Credit Card Information handling chain is secure. Therefore, we do recommend contacting your Merchant Account Provider (and/or Hosting Company, Gateway) to ensure they are also PCI/CISP compliant.

Be Confident With SellBetter Toolbox

Over the years, a heavy investment in our system’s infrastructure and application software provides you and all merchants with the safest and most secure environment possible to run your company.

You can be confident knowing that all possible action has been taken to keep sensitive cardholder information safe from fraudulent activity online.

How do you ensure compliance?

1ShoppingCart, with SellBetter Toolbox, is one of the first eCommerce solutions to provide a completely PCI/CISP certified system from start to finish.

Our industry leading shopping cart solution was created with security in mind! It’s always been our goal to provide the most secure shopping experience possible and has now been validated for both PCI certification and CISP compliance.

By taking advantage of SellBetter Toolbox’s eCommerce solutions, your business automatically conforms to the Credit Card Industries stringent compliance rules. This means you can spend your time on important tasks to grow your business without worrying about system security and industry compliance issues.

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