In 60 minutes Your Website Can Be Taking Credit Card Orders, Enrolling Resellers, and Sending Out Automated Email…

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In 60 minutes Your Website Can Be Taking Credit Card Orders, Enrolling Resellers, and Sending Out Automated Email…

Ready to automate your website and get it actively working to make you money?

The problem with most websites is simple: They are a passive repository of information.

SellBetter Toolbox is a unique combination of marketing tools linked directly to an ecommerce machine that actively interacts with your customers and resellers to build your business.

Here’s what you get with SellBetter Toolbox:

Process your credit card orders in real time. SellBetter Toolbox processes credit cards in real time through the Linkpoint payment gateway (or many others) for your credit card merchant account. Use recurring billing options for multiple payments or subscription items. You’ll need an Internet - authorized merchant account if you don’t have one. We can help you get set up with that, too.

Upsell at the point of purchase. “Do you want fries with that?” McDonalds learned long ago that when a buyer is ready to buy is the best time to sell a little more. Take advantage of the best possible time to make another sale — the very moment the customer is ordering from you. That is called an upsell. In the special report you receive when you sign up as a paying customer, I’ll show you the simple method I use that results in 40% to 80% additional business. What will your results be?

Accept checks online. Naturally, it pays to take checks online, as long as you make it easy. With SellBetterToolbox you’ll discover it’s easy for customers and easy for you.

Send follow up email to your customers, prospects, potential resellers and existing resellers. Autoresponders are built into the core of the system, and it’s easy to specify a sequence of follow up emails triggered when someone buys a product, signs up for your newsletter, requests specific information, or enlists as an affiliate reseller. Then it’s all automatic!

Deliver ebook or software programs automatically. With the digital delivery feature of SellBetter Toolbox, you sell ebooks, .PDF documents, and software programs, too. And the system works for you, sending a custom email to your customer with a “temporary” link where they can download your product, easily and instantly.

Run an Affiliate Program to enlist an “army of resellers,” and do it all automatically. Use the power of the computer to easily sign up affiliate resellers for your products. Track sales for 3 years across multiple websites and multiple product purchases. Reseller programs are very competitive. Now you can have an edge. The system uses “cookies” to track prospects for 3 years. When someone clicks on one of your reseller’s links and visits your web site, they may not be ready to buy. Nine months later, when they are ready, they do buy. If the server can identify the buyer through cookies or IP address, the system will credit the original reseller.

Change your websites, or add new websites, and your affiliate program stays intact. You can change your websites, or use multiple websites, and it’s easy to keep your sales records, customer lists, and affiliate program running, because that technology runs on the SellBetter Toolbox servers. Just set up your links and you’re done. Everything still works, your resellers are still on board, and your sales records are intact.

Run Coupon Specials or Other Limited Offer Promotions easily. With the Coupon Tracking System, create special offers such as “For a limited time, get 10% off on your purchase. This offer is limited to the first 100 people.” This is an incredible way to generate sales to your site.

Set up new products in 60 seconds. In some other systems, you cannot set up your own order forms because of the complex code involved. With SellBetter Toolbox, you really can set it up in 60 seconds. Just by adding a link to your web page. It’s easy! And fast!

Subscribe and unsubscribe people to your newsletter or email list automatically. When you get requests to get on — and off — your newsletter list, it’s a big pain to do it all manually. Let SellBetter Toolbox do it for you! Simple forms on your website, and unsubscribe links in each email take care of it automatically. So you have time to take the kids to Disneyland!

…and much more!

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