How the Sequential Autoresponder Becomes a Valuable Part of Your Marketing Team

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How the Sequential Autoresponder Becomes a Valuable Part of Your Marketing Team

The SellBetter Toolbox autoresponders may be the hardest workers you’ve ever encountered!

Without them, you have to manually enter each customer into an autoresponder follow up system, an email program, or some kind of cgi script that you put on your website to handle the job. When it comes to custom programming, you’re in a trap. Paying someone every time you need a little change.

The SellBetter Toolbox autoresponders are a critical piece of automation.

And there are so many ways you can use them.

The obvious one? Set up a newsletter, and send it to prospects and customers. You maintain communication, educate them about how to use your product, and make an additional sales pitch. Maintain the relationship; it’s important!

But there’s so much more!

When a customer buys from you, you will send follow up emails every few days, then weekly, and finally monthly.

You may want to create a mini-course (a sequence of emails) to “tease and teach” prospects about the products you sell.

You want to have mini-training courses that you can send to your “army” of resellers who promote your products.

And you want another series for people who are considering becoming resellers for your product line.

You can create as many autoresponder systems as you wish with sellBetter Toolbox. Each may contain as many follow up emails as you wish.

If you have to manually input all those email addresses every day, it won’t work.

You just can’t work that way. You need automation.

Here’s how the system works

It’s so simple. Yet it’s only possible with an integrated set of softeware systems like SellBetter Toolbox.

Consider this. A prospect goes to your website and fills out a short survey. Or they fill in a request for your newsletter subscription. Or they sign up for a mini-course. Or a top-ten list. Or a free ebook. Or anything else you can think of to attract their attention.

Autoresponder Prospect Functional Diagram

They are added to the database. Then SellBetter Toolbox goes to work on your behalf. It knows what to send, and when. And it never takes a vacation!

It’s even more important dealing with customers!

When a customer makes a purchase, the shopping cart system sends out emails to the customer and to you to confirm the sale. But that’s only the beginning.

Autoresponder Customer Functional Diagram

You can set up a whole sequence of emails over a period of weeks and months to help your customer use your product, to increase satisfaction, to deliver unexpected bonuses, and to survey customers about their satisfaction.

This may be the most important part of the system. Because of the shopping cart connection, emails can be based on precisely what customers buy. Just like you would do if you were personally phoning your customers to make sure everything was going well.

You can plan it in advance, then let the machine do it for you. It’s automation!

Here’s a tip: When you sign up for SellBetter Toolbox, you’ll get a special bonus where I give you an insider’s look at how to design a positive autoresponder strategy. It’s specific, It’s easy. And the only way you can get it is to sign up for sellBetter Toolbox!

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