How You Can Add New Products to Your Website in Just a Minute!

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How You Can Add New Products to Your Website in Just a Minute!

The SellBetter Toolbox seamlessly becomes part of your website. You don’t have to install any software or load cgi scripts which never seem to work right anyway.

Here’s how you do it.

First, you login at SellBetter Toolbox and get the hyperlink for the product you want to sell on your website. (SellBetter Toolbox will generate this link for you.)

Then, on your website, add “Buy Now” text, or add a “Buy now” button image, and make it a link using the hyperlink that you got from SellBetter Toolbox.

That’s it!

(Gosh! That was easy!)

Here’s how the shopping cart works:

Shopping Cart Functional Diagram

Your customers peruse your catalog, product descriptions, or sales letters on your website. When they click the ‘Buy Now’ link, they are sent to our secure server where they see their Shopping Cart with their purchase listed.

They can choose ‘Continue Shopping’ to return to your website to look for additional things to add to their order, or they can choose to check out.

When they choose ‘Check Out,’ our secure server takes them through the payment process.

After payment, the Order Confirmation process begins. Your customer is sent back to your website, to a ‘Thank You’ page, or whatever page you designate.

Our server then sends confirming emails: One to your customer, one to you, and, optionally, a third to someone you designate such as a fulfillment center to ship or process the order.

Your customer probably won’t even realize that they left your website, though they may notice that the transaction was handled quickly and easily on a secure server. Their browser probably displays a ‘Lock’ symbol, and may show a yellow background in the address bar, both indications when they are on a secure server.

All that secure server technology is easy for you… because we do it all for you on our server. All you do is make a link to our site. We handle the rest. It is so simple!

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