How Split Testing Makes Your Marketing Constantly Get More Profitable

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How Split Testing Makes Your Marketing Constantly Get More Profitable

SellBetter Toolbox has some amazing marketing tools that you won’t find anywhere else!

One cool tool is the Ad Trackers. They let you run ads, and by using special links in the ads, you can track not only how many people respond to the ad by looking at your web page, but how many actually buy!

That’s a pretty powerful tool, and it works very efficiently because the trackers are linked right into the shopping cart system.

It’s another example of how great it is that everything works together, using the same database. If you tried to get separate systems to accomplish the same thing, it would be hard, if not impossible.

And you’d have everyone blaming the other guy when things didn’t work.

That never happens with SellBetter Toolbox… because it’s all together!

Here’s how split testing works

A “split test” originated in the newspaper and magazine world. Big advertisers, who were running big, expensive full page ads, wanted to know if their ads worked.

More specifically, they figured that if they were going to spend so much on advertising… thousands, even millions of dollars… that they ought to be able to have a process to constantly make their advertising work better.

Direct marketers… back then we called them “mail order houses,” because they took orders and shipped products by mail… were especially keen on the idea. Possibly it was because they could measure results more accurately than other advertisers (just like you can with your online business and SellBetter Toolbox). They put codes on the order forms in their ads. If an order came in with a certain order form, clipped from a specific magazine, they knew exactly which ad produced the order.

With their “big ad budgets,” they told the magazines and newspapers they wanted to run a “split test.” The advertiser would prepare two different ads. The magazines would then print half of their press run with one ad, the other half with the second ad.

Whichever ad produced the most sales was the winning ad.

Over time, it grew to be a science.

The best order-producing ad became the ‘Control” ad, also known as the “A” version.

Split Test Example

Then they would change one thing in the ad to create the “B” ad, the “test” version. In the example above, we changed the first few words of the headline.

Then they ran the ads in an A-B split test. If the B ad pulled more orders, it became the new “A” or “Control” ad.

They constantly tested, and you can, too.

With SellBetter Toolbox, any time you’re running an ad or newsletter which you expect to pull good response, set up an Ad Tracker and list two different target pages to forward your prospect. Make each page slightly different… just one thing, so you know exactly what the difference is.

SellBetter Toolbox will send the first responder to ad A, the second to ad B, the third to ad A, and so forth, automatically “splitting” the response between two web pages. By putting different product or promotion links on each page, you’ll know exactly which ad worked best… by which rang your cash register best.

That’s how easy it is with SellBetter Toolbox.

In fact, SellBetter Toolbox will even let you test three ads at the same time; I guess you’d call that an “A-B-C” test. And it’s included in the Shopping cart system as part of Ad Tracking. No extra cost. No big bucks required like those old direct marketers. The magic of the internet makes it magic for you.

SellBetter Toolbox is full of powerful marketing tools just like that.

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